Team Development

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Team development

Customised training that creates high-performance teams. Challenging, effective and safe.

A High Performance Team program will put your people into a carefully controlled environment. They'll explore their strengths, challenge themselves and discover how improved performance feels.

Before your customised program commences, we will spend time with you to learn how your organisation works and the challenges you face. We will frame the activities around the typical issues you deal with every day.

When to use our team development services  

In team coaching and facilitating team-building sessions, we can design up to five different types of programs, depending on the current development stage of your team:

  • Team start-ups for newly formed work teams or groups working towards optimum productivity
  • Regular formal review strategies for average or well performing teams willing to become high performance teams
  • Addressing known task-related problems or issues for groups or work teams that are “stuck”, but willing to take responsibility and act to improve their current performance
  • Identifying the problems for ineffective or unproductive groups or pseudo-teams suffering from low morale and productivity, unable to identify clear reasons for their underperformance
  • Targeted Interventions for dysfunctional and unproductive teams suffering from low morale and needing support for growth, team member development and conflict resolution strategies

What a program includes

A High Performance Team program includes

  • Activities that challenge and create collaborative team experiences
  • Conversations about what is working and what needs to improve
  • Experiences of high performance
  • Creating agreements about working relationships and future performance
  • Pressure testing the agreements for real-world workability
  • Post-session review

We will work closely with your organisation’s leaders and internal support staff to ensure all agreed changes are transferrable to the workplace.

If you are unsure of the current level of development of your team, the Applied Innovation Centre can assist you to determine this and to develop an appropriate and tailored program to achieve your goals.

Highly interactive, practical training programs with measurable results. For people at every level of your organisation.

If you are wondering whether your organisation needs one of these programs, ask yourself if you can really wait any longer to 

  • Develop your leadership team
  • Improve an under-performing team that struggles to be cohesive or meet targets
  • Get an already effective team performing at an elite level

Head to our course calendar to find dates for our Leadership Development courses.

Group Training

The Applied Innovation Centre also offers customised group training programs. We can tailor any standard program to suit your requirements as well as create completely new programs.

Contact us to register your interest in a customised training course.