Business Creativity and Innovation Framework (BCIF)

The Business Innovation and Creativity Indicators (BICI)

Business Creativity and Innovation Framework (BCIF)

Do you want a more innovative organisation but don't know where to start?

The incredibly practical Business Creativity and Innovation Framework (BCIF) is the first research-based guide to organisational innovation.

It provides the keys to unlock the potential in your organisation; a practical guide that explains how to assemble all the components that are necessary to create and sustain an innovation culture.

The BCIF is the 60-page result of more than 30 years of international and local research into the areas of creativity, problem-solving, decision-making and innovation.

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"The Framework is well overdue as Australian businesses struggle with gaining a competitive edge nationally and globally. The Framework acts as a handy guide to move forward and open the innovation door to your organisation." - Dr Shayne Silcox, CEO, City of Belmont

"I find this an unusually comprehensive plan for improving creativity and innovation in an organisation. The rationale is well laid out and the 4Ps are useful as an organising structure. It is unusual to find such a detailed approach to the subject in a shorter document like this. There is a lot of material there." - Dr Susan Besemer, State University of New York

"I found the document well structured and easy to follow. It addresses the key elements required to build an innovative organisation and contains a useful and practical framework that will assist readers to reflect on their current approaches to innovation and identify opportunities for improvement." - Dr Graeme Cocks, Melbourne Business School

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