The Business Innovation and Creativity Indicators (BICI)

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Innovation Consulting

Put new ideas to work and watch performance improve

The Applied Innovation Centre assists organisations to adopt a holistic strategic approach to the implementation of a consistent innovation culture and process at all levels of the organisation.

Our approach to innovation covers our 4P's Model, not just Product.

We use this model in conjunction with our unique 10 Step Innovation Model to develop an organisational blueprint for the introduction of all elements required by an organisation to achieve a consistent culture of Innovation at all levels of the organisation.

10 Step Innovation Strategy

To measure where the organisation is in its journey towards innovation we use our unique measurement tool called the Business Innovation and Creativity Index (BICI). Once we have that information we develop a rigorous plan for the organisation to progress it’s innovation journey.

In other words we will help you fully understand your current situation and the most effective way to create a culture of innovation. Our consulting services use proven tools and systems, which we introduce in a carefully managed sequence.

Tools we bring to your innovation journey are:

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