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Corporate investigations

Get fair, impartial and thorough support to resolve serious workplace matters.

When you use the AIC for an investigation, you know you will have independent, unbiased and objective findings with reports capable of withstanding any scrutiny. Our investigators are licensed, fully accredited, experienced and skilled in commercial and public sector investigations.

Our Inquiry Agent/Investigator licence number is 38017.

If you need an investigation, do it properly

When you're responsible for handling a staff grievance, disciplinary concern or complaint about behaviour, the pressure is on. Unresolved conflict and misconduct can disrupt your business and be extremely costly.

If you perform the investigation yourself or using in-house resources, it is likely to be time consuming and gruelling. A bad situation will become worse if anyone involved thinks you have:

  • A biased opinion
  • Any conflict of interest
  • Failed to follow the rules of procedural fairness
  • Been non-compliant with workplace health and safety obligations

That's why you should give the workload and the responsibility to our investigators.

How we work

We conduct all investigations with a process that:

  • Is clear, fair and thorough
  • Is respectful and engaging
  • Includes a thorough review of all relevant evidence
  • Delivers high-quality evidence-based reports and recommendations
  • Ensures minimal disruption to you and your business

Our investigation credentials

We have successfully conducted investigations into:

  • Workplace Bullying
  • Substandard performance
  • Grievances between employees and managers
  • Grievances between one employee and another
  • Grievances where mediation has failed
  • Breaches of organisational policies or codes of conduct
  • Suspected criminal offences

Related services

We also support our investigations with assistance for all parties by:

  • Conducting mediations between the parties using our accredited mediators
  • Providing mentoring or coaching for leaders and managers in dealing with staff concerns, grievances, performance and other difficult situations
  • Reviewing business processes to discover the underlying causes of the difficult behaviours or situation

The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become. So call us now on +61 8 9448 1301 or enquire here.