Start your business improvement program by accurately identifying everything that needs to be done to increase creativity and innovation in your organisation.

The BICI is an innovation diagnostic tool. It is a 46 item questionnaire which asks participants to identify their perception of the existence and maturity of key aspects of innovation within their organisation. 

The BICI explores the 10 steps of organisational innovation which are considered essential for organisations to develop an innovative culture. These are:

Step 1. Strategic Corporate Direction
Step 2. Business and Operational Planning
Step 3. Cultural Alignment
Step 4. Creativity and Innovation Education and Training
Step 5. Ideas management
Step 6. Innovation Measurement
Step 7. Rewards and Recognition
Step 8. Organisational Support
Step 9. Budget, Finance and Commercialisation
Step 10. Leadership and Human Resources

Participants and results

We recommend that the top 3 levels of an organisation complete the BICI. The results are presented in total and also segmented by role or level in the organisation. They show the organisation as being at any of six levels of maturity in relation to the 10 steps in organisational innovation.  

The levels are:

The step is fully integrated within the organisation and is operating effectively

The step is already at an advanced stage of implementation, and a system is in place that provides feedback for learning how to further refine or develop documents, processes, practices or procedures.

The step is in the process of being designed – or a plan has been developed and is currently being implemented.

There are documents showing that the step or initiative is being addressed.

People in the organisation are openly talking about the step.

No Intentions
There is no current intention to implement or develop the step.


The results of the BICI will provide a clear indication of the extent to which innovation has been intentionally implemented as part of the organisational culture. These then provide a pathway for the planning for and implementation of innovation strategies. So we recommend administering the BICI at the commencement of an innovation strategy. This establishes a benchmark which can be re-assessed by re-administering the BICI periodically - every 12 to 18 months. 

Administration of the BICI

For groups in single organisations, participants access the questionnaire via a link provided in an email. Results are provided by the Applied Innovation Centre in a brief report.   

Single participants currently access the questionnaire in the same way. However, after paying the required fee, they will be able to access a link via the Applied Innovation Centre website and receive an immediate report in their email inbox.  

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